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Clinically Proven Food Recommendation APP

Over half of us are reading product labels looking for beneficial or harmful ingredients to improve wellness, treat disease and increase immunity. Most people read the fact chart but miss the ingredients, and who can say “Eicosapentaenoic Acid” and know that it’s the healthiest part of fish? With over ten years of research and development, we’ve finally made it simple to know what’s right for you and those you love. Try it free for 30 days!

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Learn how to use our patented food effectiveness tool for medically proven recommendations.

Our Mobile APP makes medically based food decisions a snap. Simply enter your health conditions or wellness goals and scan the UPC bar code or enter the UPC number of any ingestible product to determine the likelihood of it being good or bad for you. Multiple medical conditions and goals can be added to your profile. If you want to know more specificity about the ingredient(s) or quantities that our patented Efficacy Engine® uses in making the Go/No determination, a detailed analysis is available to links to medical monographs (compilations of research and science) and clinical studies to support them. To save your selected conditions and goals along with lists of foods you have scanned and their rankings, simply create a profile with a user name and save. 

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